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VIN: 5YJSA1H2XFF092780

Details info. on VIN: 5YJSA1H2XFF092780
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Tesla
  • Body_type: 5-Door Hatchback
  • Model: S
  • Vehicle_type: Passenger Car
  • Drive_type: RWD
  • Doors: 5
  • Transmission_style: 1-Speed Automatic
  • Engine_description: Dual Motor - Three Phase A/C Induction
  • Engine_capacity: Dual Motor - Three Phase A/C Induction L
  • Fuel_type: Electric
  • Manufacturer: Tesla Motors, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • Vin: 5YJSA1H2XFF092780
  • Engine_model: 3 Phase A/C Induction (Dual Motor)
  • Region: Tesla - Fremont, Ca
  • Transmission_speed: 1
  • Steering_location: Left-Hand Drive (LHD)
  • Source: USDecode

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For your Vehicle 2015 TESLA MODEL S
At the Mileage of 50431 mi
Against the VIN 5YJSA1H2XFF092780

If you have not completed the following items below, completing these services before they are due will help keep your car running smoothly.

This service is due at 60,000 mi
  • Inspect A/C System
  • Inspect Body & Paint for Damages/Corrosion
  • Inspect Brake System, Friction Material and Hydraulic System.
  • Inspect For Fluid Leaks
  • Inspect Horn, Lights, A/C & Heater For Proper Operation
  • Inspect Seat Belts & Related Components
  • Inspect Tires, Wheels & Related Components
  • Inspect Warning System Operation
  • Inspect Wheel Alignment
  • Inspect Wiper & Washer System
  • Perform Hybrid/EV Battery System Check
  • Rotate Tires, Inspect Tire Wear, and Adjust Tire Pressure.


Your vehicle has 4 Safety Recalls. These are announcements made by your vehicle's manufacturer that there is a safety-related problem that needs immediate repair and should be repaired free of charge by your vehicle's dealership.

View your recall notices here.

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